México Fabuloso I


Originally written on July 2, 2008

Hi everyone,
I hope this email will find all of you in good spirit. As usual, I’m sending you ‘a note’ from yet another travel adventure. Please, don’t mind certain typing mistakes as I occasionally struggle with the Spanish keyboard. My holidays so far have been nothing less but FABULOUS. LOL
FABULOUS = frequently used word by the upper class of Mexican youth. The word is mostly used in a sentence such as ‘I am fabulous’ and ‘Its fabulous’. LOL
F*** ME HARD = yet another frequently used phrase which I might need to explain in person. Its rather funny. 😉
I arrived to Cancun last Friday to visit my friend JP.G. whom I hadn’t seen for two years. I had to switch planes in Charlotte, North Carolina, and each time I travel through the States, I find Americans rather amusing. It was a cultural shock going through the Charlotte airport and observing all those overweight, loud, ignorant and patriotic people with Southern accents who as it turns out have good hearts. Since I woke up at 3 am that morning, I slept through most of the flight. One lady was very kind to even offer me her pillow that she brought with her. God bless her soul!!! lol On one occasion, I did have to turn around to see who was so silly to ask the flight attendant why he had to fill out a customs form. The flight attendant told him that he was going out of the USA. It was definitely a flash news! The USA might have a lot of Mexicans living there, but Mexico aint part of the States!!! LOL

Zona Hotelera, Cancun

My hosts have been nothing less but wonderful, and I’m slowly adjusting and getting comfortable. Mexican society appears to be slightly discriminating because the descendants of Maya and mestizos (mixed people) tend to be of lower class and do labour jobs. I cannot say more about that because I really don’t come across many of them. My host lives in a nice colonial house situated in the lagoon, with a boat docked in front of it, and several servants who run the household. They do consider themselves privileged because, for instance, the government doesn’t provide a lot of social medical insurance to the upper class.
Cancun and its area are ever growing and full of construction cranes. There isn’t much to see in the city, and the downtown bars are targeted towards tacky amusement of liquor loving American tourists. However, those who are accustomed to partying in South Beach and Mexico City truly know what fabulous nightlife is. 😉
On Friday night, we went to a fashion show afterparty at the Hotel Aqua. Everyone was stylish, looking fabulous and alcohol was pouring as if there was no tomorrow. Lets just say that there was a moment when neither I nor JP.G. could have found the door amongst glass panels, and I almost had a ‘Special K moment’ when she ran into the glass door and flattened her nose against the glass. LOL That night I also met some Mexican TV personnel, but I am not familiar with them.

White Party at Nectar Bar, Cancun

The following night was one of the best parties I have ever attended. It was the anniversary of Nectar afterclub, and it was the event that the socialites in Cancun wait for each year. Two planes were sent to Monterrey and Mexico City to fly in celebrities and special guests. There was a red carpet with paparazzi, and all that glitz and glamour that goes with it. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! The club is located on the beach and the dress code was very strict – it was a white party. About seven of us went there and later on, after the night out, eating tacos at 6am, we crashed at JP.G’s house. I passed out around 8 am watching two drunk people trying to play tennis on Wii. LOL One of the girls I met that night is the best friend of JP.G’s brother. She is probably what Samantha Jones was in her early twenties – absolutely fabulous – and she is the one who loves using the phrase ‘f*** me hard’ – very lovely and friendly person.  

Cancun, Mexico

These days I’m spending most of my time relaxing: going to the beach, reading my book next to the pool in the early morning while boys are still asleep, going for massages and eating out. As known, Mexican food is spicy, but they also adjust other cuisines toward the Mexican taste. Cheese and chili peppers seem to be the main ingredients of every dish no matter which cuisine it belonged to. Even sushi has a layer of creme cheese. Last night while we were dinning, it came to my mind that an average Japenese would probably get heart attack or at least increased his blood cholesterol by eating so much cheese and fried food at Mexican Japanese restaurants. LOL 

Siete Bocas Cenote, Cancun

There is still plenty of things to do and see, and this is only just a beginning. Yesterday we took an adventure trip to cenotes. Cenotes are limestone caves created by the forces of underground rivers. They are located in the jungle, off the beaten track, and were used as a water source by ancient Maya. These days they are used for relaxation and swimming. The caves are stunning in appearance and provide such a unique experience as one dives or jumps into them. The only downside was plenty of fiesty mousquitos! 😦
That would be all for now! As expected it was a long email, and I shall write again in several days!
Wishing you the best and stay FABULOUS! LOL

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