Siga la Vaca – Parte II


Originally written on February 14, 2009

 Ola todos,
Today after spending some time shopping, A.M., O.G., O.G’s brother F.O., sister-in-law and I went to Banda de Ipanema – a mini carnival procession in the Ipanema neightbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas (people from Rio) were getting ready for the next weekend when most of the country will pause from the regular life and indulge itself in everything that carnaval brings. Beer, water, bottles and confetti were flying across the grey skies and as of next Thursday, they will be some people up in the air as well. Everything happens and goes during the carnaval time.

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Once the percussions started playing, the memories of the carnaval from last year and 2006 came back to me, and I wished I could have stayed in Brazil to experience it yet again. We’ve even developed a “call-in-sick” plan for me, but with so many things happening at work right now, I was better off heading to Toronto. Yet I made my dance instructor proud, when F.O. challenged me to dance samba in flip-flops as we were following procession. I got tired a bit, but Red Bull will fix me up for the upcoming night out. 😉

Banda de Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

 Anyhow, this is Rio de Janeiro just a couple of hours ago. If you enlarge this Banda to the scale of 2 million people dancing on the steets, you will get carnaval in Salvador. If you add to it, ten times more percussion players, 7-10 three-floor-stories high floats, elaborate costumes and most stunning men and women in the procession, you get the carnaval in Rio. Both of them unique, unbelievable, beautiful and worth experiencing at least once in a life time.

Bateria of Banda de Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

I’m off clubbing in a couple of hours. It should be fun as we are going to meet up with some friends from Toronto. It will be like a Saturday night at home except better! 😉

Leblon and Ipanema Beach at Night, Rio de Janeiro


Beijos, I.
PS. To those who still believe in love (LOL LOL), happy St. Valentine’s Day. 😉 Brazilians celebrate it in June since right now, it’s too close to the carnaval. Nobody wants to be committed. hahahhaaha…

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