in the Land of Sheep – Part 3/3


Originally written on November 16, 2009

Phew, the last bit… 😛

– England

Aside from spending amazing time with my sister in Prague, my short stay in London was probably the other bit that made the trip memorable.

Unfortunately, the unpredicted English weather showed its mood swings, and it rained most of the time. Sometimes the weather would change within 5 min. Despite carrying an umbrella with me, there were at least a couple of occasions when I got completely soaked.

This was my third time in London, and therefore, there was no pressure to tightly organize my days in order to visit as many tourist sights as possible. I stayed at friend’s place, who lived in one of the smallest studio apartments I had ever seen. All I needed was a mattress, and he was working double shifts so we didn’t step on one another’s toes. LOL Nevertheless, I wish we hung out a bit more.

Since I’ve got to know some people who live in London over the years, my stay over there has become more enjoyable. I was taken to good restaurants to eat and bars worth visiting on specific nights.

Tate Britain, London

On the first day after visiting Tate Britain which contains predominantly British art, I headed over to the Oxford and Regent St. getting lost in the masses of people and swiping my credit card too many times. I wish there was someone with me to tell me when to stop shopping. (Luckily) I was alone. LOL

Oxford Street at Night, London

The following day, I saw my friend J.G. whom I met in Buenos Aires. We went along with a couple of his friends wondering around the Convent Garden, eating, browsing through the shops, eating, going to a palm reader and being startled by what he had to say, eating, watching a movie, eating… and somewhere in between all of this, I tasted cookies from one little shop in Convent Garden. Ben’s Cookies shop apparently bakes the best cookies in town, and it truly does. I’ve never had a better cookie – EVER!

This is how have my last two weeks been. I’m on my way home now, going away from sheep and green pastures – bit exhausted yet rested from my daily routine and work, a bit sad to leave some people behind yet happy that I saw them.

It is difficult to say where my life will take me next. Of all of us who had our palms read, apparently, I’m the one who’ll travel the most in my life. Perhaps, this is my destiny. I just have to find a way to make it profitable… and yes, I shall start a blog.

On the last note, I’m seated in the airplane next to an old man who can’t stop farting. Hopefully, he’ll take a peak at what I’m typing and gather some senses. :S

Wishing you the best, and looking forward seeing many of you soon! 🙂


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