“Walk, walk, fashion, baby…”


Review of Toronto Fashion Week for Fall 2010

This is my first post in the real time – no archived emails anymore! Yeah!!! 🙂

Last night was a wrap-up of all events that I got to attend prior to and during the Fashion Week in Toronto. Here’s a quick run-down.

Toronto designer Nada Shepherd presented her new collection prior to the Fashion Week in a clever, highly publicized way – as a 3D movie at Scotia Bank Theater. This ‘innovative’ approach was poorly executed and boring – albeit luckily short. 🙂 The whole movie was designed as a combat video game. However, too much time was spent on choosing the outfits for the female warriors before each combat scenes, and not much of the new collection could be seen. The quality of the 3D movie was very poor. There is a reason why it took James Cameroon years to create “Avatar”. Thus, one might be better off sticking to the ordinary catwalk, and leaving the video games and 3D technology to others.

Spago Uomo invited me to see their new collection which was presented in a very casual environment of the Lobby Lounge. I loved several of their pieces and would definitely go back to the shop. It was clever though, how they incorporated male clothes on a couple of female models.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2010

IZMA presented a new line with plenty of sustainable fur as a tribute to the Canadian wilderness. The lines were simple, elegant and innovative. Sustainable fur seems to be a magical word to keep the PETA activists absent from the fashion shows. LOL 

IZMA Fashion Show for Fall 2010

In comparison to IZMA, David Dixon show was completely opposite – colourful, overcrowded and somewhat different. Despite the other opinions, I enjoyed it. It consisted of two shows – the Barbie collection and regular David Dixon collection – with an intermission during which champagne, beer and water were served. The show producers knew well how to get the mob going. hehe…

The first collection had the 60s theme of “Barbie meets Twiggy on Carnaby Street in London”. It was playful, but at the same time it was interesting to observe older people in the crowd. They were the only ones who knew lyrics to the songs that were played. It must have taken them four decades back in time. 🙂

The David Dixon collection was less interesting than the Barbie one. Yet, I liked the pieces with feathers and fur; it must be my subconscious love for animals. LOL

David Dixon Show at Toronto Fashion Week 2010

That would be all for now. Sending my love and special thanks to Mrs. F.C who tagged me along to most of these events. 🙂


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