Nude on Flavours


Restaurant Review

Last night a friend of mine took me for dinner at so-much-talked-about restaurant Nyood (pronounced nude). One of the most striking features of the restaurant design are the funky, ultra-modern chandeliers that play the focal point at the venue. I enjoyed the ambience although the restaurant was quite empty. Well, it was a Wednesday night after all.

Dishes are in tapas size and perfect for sharing with a couple of people. The tuna nicoise tartar (olive tapanade, plantain, quail egg) was somewhat bland in taste in comparison to chimichurri tiger shrimp (crispy lentil, smoked tomato, spiced honey), which had just enough spicy feeling to trigger one’s palate. Needless to say, we ended up ordering two potions of shrimps. Grilled calamari (new potato, Spanish chorizo, grilled radicchio, lemon) had an enjoyable subtle zesty taste, but the chorizo flavour could have been a bit stronger. Not much could be said for panko crusted chicken or mushroom flatbread; although it was probably gorgonzola which saved the flatbread and the king oyster that added a bit more texture to the dish.

The dessert menu was quite short, but we managed to find one which saved the day – chocolate expresso molten cake (vanilla caramel ice cream, cayenne tuile). The cake was crusty enough to hold the warm, creamy chocolate with a decadent, almost orgasmic flavour. It reminded me of unforgettable Jamie Oliver’s brownie at Jamie’s Italian that I had in Bath.

Nyood might be worth checking out at some point, but I wouldn’t rush over to it. It is a great place to share stories with a couple of friends over several dishes. However, I would expect tapas to be more flavourful. Because of the company, I had fantastic time. Thank you, P.M. 🙂

Overall I’d give the restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars, with 0.5 points going for the dessert, itself. (Yes, I love chocolate!) 🙂

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