Review of Hot Docs 2010

How many times have we heard of the Internet dangers such as identity thefts, sexual predators or online bullying? Yet how many times have we taken all these allegations and newspaper articles seriously? Even if we have taken them seriously, have we REALLY been cautious?

On a friend’s invitation I attended for the first time Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Film Festival. I didn’t get my tickets in advance, so I headed to the theater 30 min before the screening to try to buy some. As I was waiting in the queue, a tall blond lady approached me asking if I were interested to see the movie. I said, “yes!” It turned out that she was the director of talhotblond and had some complimentary tickets to spare. What a luck! Not only did I see the documentary for free, but I got the tickets from the director, herself. 🙂

I won’t say much about the movie because I don’t want to ruin the plot. However, it is based on a true story and on an initially ‘innocent’ chat which led to a ‘love’ triangle and unnecessary death of a young man named Brian. I would highly recommend watching the film because it led to serious subsequent conversation amongst my friends and I.

The most emotional part was the introduction of the victim’s parents who sat in the audience and watched the documentary with us. It must have taken exceptional courage to collaborate on the film and to stand up in front of live audiences answering questions. After finding more about the movie, if you wish, please sign the Brian Barrett Internet Accountability Petition to contribute to the necessary law changes.

My gratitude goes to the director Barbara Schroeder for the tickets and most importantly for bringing this topic to the wide-reaching audience. Special thanks to M.N. for tagging me along. I hope some of my luck will rub off you. 😉

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