Urban Jungle That Never Sleeps


Last weekend I decided to escape the insanity and hostility of downtown Toronto and the upcoming G20 Summit. Therefore, I took off and went from the fortified city to the urban jungle that never sleeps, New York City.

Air Force One at Pearson International Airport in Toronto

I haven’t met a single person yet who isn’t fascinated or in love with NYC. For centuries, it’s been a symbol of the American dream. Everyone who wanted to make it in his/her life, would pack the suitcase and head to this city chasing the dreams. Today NYC is still a city of opportunities, the world capital of urban planning, flashing billboards, exhausting shopping, upcoming fashion, and global cuisine.

Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge at Dusk

One of the things that made it different this time around is that I got a chance to see the city from two different perspectives – the aerial nighttime view from the Top of The Rock and the riverside view at dusk from the Governor’s Island.

NYC Skyline and Empire State Building at Night

I also spent most of the time on my own, which I liked. The visit allowed me to do and see things without compromising with anyone. Thus, I FINALLY got a chance to go to Balthazar restaurant in SoHo and have its infamous hazelnut waffles. The waffles were almost as fluffy as the original Belgium ones. Along with cold sour creme and sweet warm berries, they were a burst of flavour in one’s mouth. As I stepped out of Balthazar trying to decided which street to take and do some window shopping, a girl on the iPhone passed by me. I turned around, and few moments later I realised she might have been Rihanna. Without hesitation, I decided to follow her just to see her face and confirm my beliefs. I didn’t even know what to say had it been her! My rushing through the Saturday shopping crowd didn’t pay off, and I quickly lost her in the sea of people.

Balthazar Restaurant in Soho, NYC

I spent most of the weekend roaming around, catching up with friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the fun side of the city. Usually on Sunday afternoons in summer time, a lot of people would organize T-dance parties on rooftops overlooking the city and Hudson River. The whole ambience would give off a South Beach feeling. From the rooftop party, I went to the Pier Dance and finished the night at SoHo House for dinner. Just as I thought the weekend could not get any better, the word was dropt that Prince Harry was in the house. At first I didn’t believe it. Everyone around me was drinking the whole day, and they weren’t in the state of reason. Unconvinced I decided to check it out by myself. Another guy from our group decided to go for a walk with me. It was after midnight, and the hotel was empty, except for the billiard room. We casually walked into the room, observed the pool game for a couple of moments, and then I realised… I was standing right next to Prince Harry! I decided not to disturb him, and let him be himself. That was the whole point why SoHo House is a private club, and why many celebrities come here.

Flatiron Building, NYC

My last moments of the weekend probably defined this city. Yes, New York City might be a fashion or marketing capital, but above all it is a place where everyone mingles with everyone  – from general public to the celebrities to the royalty. As I was walking into La Guardia airport with dark shades covering my eyes, I realised that it wasn’t New York the city that never sleeps, it’s the people like myself who make this city sleepless. The vibe that this city emits is the reason why I love NYC, and why I can’t wait to be there again!

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    Well done

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