700 million people watched it, 46 million countrymen cheered for them, and after a patient yet nerve-wrecking, memorable game, my favourite football team won the FIFA World Cup showing the world that Spain is the best in Europe and in the world. This is the reason why this blog entry could have be done without any words except one – los campeones/the champions!

Toronto Celebrating Spanish Victory in the World Cup 2010

Toronto might not be Plaza de Colon in Madrid, but the city felt the victorious vibe of La Furia Roja painting the town in red and yellow, paralyzing the traffic, and dancing on top of streetcars.

Torontonians Celebrating Spanish Victory over the Dutch in the World Cup Finals

To imagine the real energy in Johannesburg during and after the final match is impossible. However, in four-year time, I might be able to describe it once I’m in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup 2014. If there is anyone who’s going to put on a spectacle for the world to see then that would be Brazilians. Until then… felicitaciones La Roja y VIVA ESPAÑA!!!

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