Chinese (finally) Done Well!!!


Restaurant Review

I am not a fan of Chinese cuisine, but after the visit to Lee restaurant over a week ago, I’ve started to change my mind. Susur Lee’s restaurant offers food that is far from traditional. It’s an Asian inspired, contemporary gastronomical experience which began for me with Szechwan hot and sour soup and continued with a Thai-fused green curry chicken on sweet pea polenta. Had it not been for a nice presentation and flavourful Thai peanut sauce, I would think I was eating popcorn chicken! The  dessert, Tong Yuen sweet rice dumplings, reminded me of eyeballs, but these dumplings had the most interesting texture of all the dishes. They could be described as slimy and chewy – yet very tasty due to the coconut, hazelnut and chocolate ganache filling.

The food at Lee definitely lived up to its expectation, and each dish, presented in a decorative tapa style, was an explosion of flavours. Although full of people, the place felt rather impersonal, leaving me with the je ne sais quoi feeling.  Perhaps the whole dinning experience and ambience would have improved, had I skipped the lunch and came for dinner at Lee.


One Response to “Chinese (finally) Done Well!!!”

  1. 1 Stella

    OMG!!! You dined at Susur Lee’s. Jealous:) Became a “Big” fan when he was on “Top Chef Master’s”. The man is a culinary genius! Next TO visit I must dine there.

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