Woke up in “TOrillia” City…


Concert Review

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

Toronto is undoubtedly defined by CN Tower, a free-standing structure that could be seen from any corner of the city, or at least that’s what I thought. Upon purchase of concert tickets for Ricky Martin’s new tour Mas+Alma+Sexo (MAS), I realised that Orillia, a town 140 km north from Toronto, was considered to be Toronto as well, or at least that’s what my tickets said.

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

Therefore, my friend M.N. and I decided to have a little adventure, and on Wednesday afternoon we went on a 2 hour drive to Ontario countryside. Somewhere behind the pastures full of cows and old barns, far, far away from any CN Tower view, there is Casino Rama – a “geriatric ward with slot machines”. Although the concert was nicely put together, although Ricky and his team tried to infuse the audience with energy, nothing really helped. The passiveness of the geriatric ward inside the casino expanded into the concert auditorium, and most people were glued to their chairs. I just couldn’t get it. I still don’t! Hips and thrusts were swirlled all across the stage, scenes of orgy and sadistic/dominatrix sexual acts were improvised, yet even people in the front rows stayed put in their seats. (That wasn’t my case though because I left the concert with scratched voice and completely soaked in sweat from having fun.)

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

It was only during the last 40 min that the crowd finally warmed up, and the concert turned out to be exactly what everyone expected of a Ricky Martin concert. People were shouting, clapping, singing and dancing along with him.

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

Next time when Ricky comes to Canada, “TOrillia” should be omitted, and a venue closer to CN Tower should be chosen. That way I will be away from the “geriatric ward” and my ears will be ringing from euphoric female screaming well into the following day.

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

Ricky Martin on MAS Tour

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