Flavours of the Mediterranean


Restaurant Review

Last month I roamed through Toronto, tasting different flavours of Mediterranean cuisine – from the contemporary Italian to the traditional French and Spanish – this is a short review.

Union Restaurant on Ossington Avenue specializes in the French dishes, which although delicious, fresh and organic, turned out to be boring and a safe bet. It was the usual menu choices one can find anywhere… fish, steak, risotto. Only the elk sliders stood up in the menu, adding some diversity. The restaurant is also very small and can’t accommodate more than 40 people. Therefore, there is a lot of shoulder rubbing, and the noise coming from the neighbouring tables, makes it difficult to hold a conversation.

Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Bar still holds a special place in my heart, as it offers the best sangria in the city. For any adventurous food junkies, this is the place exploding with flavours and textures – from chorizo in brandy to baked goat cheese with honey and the most traditional Sevillian paella with rabbit meat. Recently, ceviche was introduced to the menu, adding some freshness to one’s palate, and venturing  off from the Castilian dishes into South American.

Light Fixtures at Aria

Aria, situated in the Telus Tower and decorated in the beautiful contemporary style, has been open for less than two months. The owners of Noce brought the modern twist to the traditional Italian cuisine. All the dishes were very nicely presented, from lobster tail salad to steak with polenta, that contained tanginess of Asiago cheese. I would omit any fried apetizers, which is my personal taste. The cost of a meal is slightly higher than expected, but the place is worth visiting on a special occasion.


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