Happy Goes Lucky… En Espana III


Long time ago, I promised to myself that by the age of 30, I will visit Ibiza. I was 4 months late with fulfilling my promise, but at least I’ve done it now! After prolonged convincing, my friends finally budged in and said “yes” to it as well.

Cala Comte, Ibiza

The White Isle, as it is often called, is a place of various opportunities; it all depends on what one makes out of it. On one hand, it is a clubbing haven and the birthplace of rave, where every night looks like a Friday night; where hedonistic, sex-simulating shows are performed in nightclubs; where DJs such as David Guetta, Triesto and Swedish House Mafia spin on the weekly basis; and where the most eclectic crowd socializes bringing together everyone from celebrities to hippies. The house music rules the island, and every radio station plays it. Nevertheless, a short distance away from drunk Britons and blasting music are pristine beaches and some of the most memorable sunsets.

Sunset in Sant Antoni, Ibiza

Every evening people gather on the beaches on Sant Antoni, the most western tip of the island, to watch the sunset. After experiencing countless sunsets from the village of Oia on Santorini to Aproador in Rio de Janeiro, a simple act of nature still looked magical, calming and unique. As the sun coloured the sea and sky in gold, the music played at Cafe del Mar and surrounding bars, slowly changed its tempo from soulful acid-jazz to more upbeat house. At the moment when the sun was about to set, nobody breathed or blinked, and focused only on the sun as if something extraordinary would happen. Once it was completely behind the horizon, once the sky turned crimson, a sudden spontaneous applause burst from the crowd, permanently disrupting the silence and inaugurating another night of hardcore clubbing.

Production company Matinee "owns" the island and promotes it's clubbing nights right at the airport

Although our trip to Ibiza was very short, N.B. and I managed to go for a day to the neighbouring island of Formentera. Formentera was one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Ibiza. However, this daily trip almost didn’t happen because as many others I had fell into the trap of evergoing Ibiza nightlife. By the end of the trip, running on only 2 hours a sleep per night became difficult. As the alarm clock went on, I nearly pressed the snooze button, cancelling the excursion. I’m glad this didn’t happen, though.  

Aerial View of Formentera (2004)

Formentera’s natural setting is so precious that UNESCO protected two beaches, Platja de ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant, turning them into a nature park called Ses Salines. It’s a heaven on Earth that offers exquisite beaches which can’t be found anywhere else in this region, a true mix of the Caribbean and Mediterranean environment. Crystal clear turquoise waters and long stretches of white sand looked like a picture perfect Caribbean island, while the setting still provided the unique Mediterranean smell – a  strong aroma of pine trees on a hot summer day mixed with a subtle dust and light, salty, sea freshness. The first half of the day, N.B. and I spent sleeping on the beach, trying to recover from the night before, and later on the exploration happened, which made me wish I could have stayed longer on Formentera. However, one day was all we had.

Parque Natural de Ses Salines, Formentera

The trip to Ibiza ended just as it began. Straight from the nightclub, we went to the hotel, picked up our bags, and headed to the airport. The dawn marked a beginning as our holidays came to the end. Initially, it was a joke that we would return home with dark shades covering our eyes, but the joke became reality.

Just as I thought that nothing else could happen to us, we met a former Playboy Bunny on our flight to Madrid. A native to Toronto, she is currently a Bunny coach and teaches new Playboy Bunnies how to do a bunny hop. For a moment, I thought that either all of this was a joke or that I was hallucinating after barely sleeping for days. But this was a reality, and there we were – three party animals, a Playboy Bunny and the Pope arriving at the same time to Barajas airport!

It was a great accomplishment for me to organize flawlessly (minus the extra fare to Ibiza) a long trip for four strong individuals. More importantly, to spend time together with some of the closest friends, to explore new places, to create new friendships and to share laughs, mishaps and late night adventures was priceless. Perhaps, it’s a mix of all of this that made us smile at the end, adding many new happy memories to the existing ones from Spain, and making a promise that we shall return.

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