Hay un Crisis en…


I have neglected my blog for over a year now, but things are about to change.

Actually, I’m about to publish the most pretentious post up to date. I’m going to compare Western and Eastern Mediterranean because quite often I get involved into these discussions of whether Spain as a summer destination is better than Greece, and vice versa.

Although I have visited both countries on many occasions, last summer I went both to the Province of Catalonia in Spain and the Cycladeles Islands in Greece. The following is the comparison of two major Mediterreanean summer destinations based on the criteria such as accommodation, hospitality, food, entertainment, and beach.

Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava, Spain

Accommodation: greater variety of accommodation in Spain drives the lodging cost down in comparison to Greece.

Hospitality: if you don’t speak Spanish, you might not be treated as nicely in Spain. Yet if you don’t speak Greek, you might be treated with the greatest hospitality that can be only seen when visiting family.

Food: both cuisines offer fresh produce, and nowhere else does Greek or Spanish food taste like in it’s motherland, yet the flavours vary greatly. Flavours of chorizo or pata negra will always overpower any feta cheese. Add to that molecular gastronomy which has put Catalonia on the world map, truly makes Spain the leader in this category.

Entertainment: nobody parties like Spaniards do! Nobody!!!

Beach: Western Mediterranean is warmer with water temperature reaching 27C or so. Being more in the West, days tend to be longer as well which prolongs the number of hours one can sunbathe. Sand is also more refined. However, the sceneries in both countries are so breathtaking and beautiful in their own way, that it is impossible even to compare them.

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

If there is any objectivity in my post, the tally would show that Spain can offer much more to a tourist for his buck. Despite the fact that there is a crisis in (hay un crisis en…) Spain and Greece, tourists will always be welcomed, and each of them will prefer one country over the other always debating which side of Mediterrenean is better.

P.S. Conversations with locals in Spain and Greece started last summer with “there is a financial crisis…” which gave the inspiration for the blog title.

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