Chinese Gangster (DaiLo) Meal


Restaurant Review

When my friend K.K. suggested going to a new Chinese restaurant DaiLo, I hesitated. For years I have been staying away from Chinese food due to the bad experience with traditional dim sum in Chinatown; there were just too many feet involved in each dish at the time! I decided to search for online reviews of DaiLo (meaning “big brother” or “head gangster boss” in Cantonese) but nothing could have been found, except for a tweet about the mid-autumn festival tasting menu and the fusion of Chinese and French cuisine that DaiLo was offering. Those two reasons were good enough for me to say yes.

DaiLo has been opened now for about a month, yet upon walking into the restaurant on Saturday night, one would never guess that this place was new or that it didn’t have any online reviews. The restaurant was bustling!

The staff was friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about dishes. Wine pairings with each dish were carefully selected and perfectly complimented each entrée – from sake with crab and heirloom tomato salad to sparkling wines. Fried watermelon was an impressive combination of various textures, black bean chili escargot was unusual combination of deliciousness, while pumpkin dumplings were absolutely divine and prepared to perfection – al dente on edges, yet soft and buttery in the middle, leaving a sweet aftertaste of soy brown butter sauce and white rabbit candy glaze.

Pumpking Dumpling at Dailo Restaurant, Toronto

Pumpking Dumpling at DaiLo Restaurant, Toronto

Toronto restaurant scene has been rapidly changing over the years, and I don’t remember the last time I had such a flavourful meal in the city. Dishes at DaiLo provide a subtle kick of spices that one only notices in the aftertaste. It’s the combination of unusual ingredients, subtle flavours and variety of food textures, that make me want to return back to DaiLo and recommend it to everyone else.

Sesame Puffs at Dailo Restaurant, Toronto

Sesame Puffs at DaiLo Restaurant, Toronto


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