Top Ten Reasons why L.A. Is Amazing


When I went last summer on the road trip across California, everyone was praising San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. Yet very few had to say anything positive about Los Angeles. After 16 days of travelling along the Pacific Coast, L.A. turned to be one of the best and most memorable spots. Therefore, this post will not focus on L.A. traffic or superficiality that might exist in the Tinsletown, but on all the great things that make this city a must-see destination for everyone.

Celebrity sightings: if you want to see celebrities, move farther away from Hollywood Walk of Fame and TMZ bus tours because celebrities won’t be standing next to their stars or wave through the windows of their homes. Instead do everything that a local would do. Go shopping, dine out, visit a beach or attend a fitness class. Somewhere along the way, you will bump into a (if not A list than D list) celebrity.

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Shopping: whatever one’s heart desires and wallet can allow, one can find it in Los Angeles. The best part might be premium outlet malls outside of the city where a true bargain can be found.

Cuisine: same as shopping, Los Angeles offers a variety of restaurants and dinning experiences from In-n-Out Burger joint with typical American meals consisting of burgers, French fries and milkshakes to molecular gastronomy cuisine with Spanish flare at The Bazaar in Beverly Hills where one moves from one dinning room to another as the meal progresses and as flavours intensify along with the interior design by Philippe Starck.

The Bazaar Restaurant, Beverly Hills

The Bazaar Restaurant, Beverly Hills

The Bazaar, Beverly Hills

Philly Cheese Steak at The Bazaar Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Californian sun: ever shining, ever beaming.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles

Beaches: the Pacific Ocean might not be as nice in Los Angeles as it is in Laguna Beach, but extensive miles of sand offer a variety of entertainment for everyone – from eccentricity on Venice Beach to family entertainment on Santa Monica Beach and celebrity sightings on Malibu Beach.

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Pool parties: if beach might appear distant to you on a hot, sunny day, many hotels in Los Angeles allow non-hotel guests to use pool facilities with drink or food purchase. Standard Hotel in West Hollywood is infamous for its pool parties where one can mingle with locals and chill with friends on a sunny afternoon.

Sunday Funday: following an early hike through the canyon and brunch, drinking in L.A. begins because Sunday is a fun day and should be enjoyed. Early drinking also allows for potentially earlier recovery and fresh start to a new week.

Overall Los Angeles appears to be more of a bar than clubbing scene which was a surprise to me. This obviously ain’t Miami, but it is still fun!

Amusement parks: Walt Disney was right when he proclaimed Disneyland the happiest place on earth. Whether one goes to Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood or any other amusement park in the vicinity of L.A., one will feel the exuberating joy and will experience unforgettable moments. Visits to amusement parks really warm one’s heart.

Hollywood Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Hollywood Universal Studios, Los Angeles

Art: not many would think of L.A. when it comes to art and culture, but the natural setting and architectural beauty of the Getty Centre could make any North American museum full of envy. The stark white marble glistening in hot summer sun is embedded in my memory for eternity.

The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

The Getty Centre, Los Angeles

Vistas and natural setting: the hilly setting of L.A. and its neighbourhoods can provide one with spectacular views which could be especially enjoyed if one does what everyone else does in L.A. – hiking in the Runyon Canyon!

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California


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