Frozen with Certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi”

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada

Snow. It appears to me that this entire week has revolved only around snow: Toronto commuters getting stranded on Monday morning due to 30 cm of snow, Ottawa residents competing in the largest snowman making contest, UofT students setting up the biggest snowball game… and the list goes on. Snow, ice and subzero temperatures are the integral part of Canadian existence, sports and culture, and nobody is a better spokesperson than people of Quebec.

Bonhomme Icon, Quebec City

Bonhomme Mascot, Quebec City

Elephant Snow Sculpture at Bonhomme Carnival, Quebec City

Elephant Snow Sculpture

While Cariocas celebrate carnival in February wearing only glitter and feathers, Quebecers put on their ski suits and head to romantic Quebec City for Bonhomme Carnival, the largest winter carnival in the world. This year Bonhomme Carnival celebrates 60 years of existence, and it’s nothing else but pure family fun that includes an ice castle, a parade, snow sculptures, tobogganing, ice skating and many other winter activities. When the time comes to warm up, a visit to one of many restaurants that serves a variety of game meat – from Cornish hen to moose and everything in between – is a must! Another option during the peak winter months is to visit the Ice Hotel, a unique attraction that is a true display of artistry when it comes to creative lodging and low temperature tolerance. It is a palace on its own, worth the feature in Disney’s cartoon “Frozen”.

Bonhomme Carnival runs until February 15th if you get a chance to visit Quebec City.

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