Ten Sin City Misconceptions


There are two types of people in this world – those who like Las Vegas and those who dislike it. Therefore, for anyone who is going to Vegas for the first time, the trip is nothing else but a gamble. Here are some misconceptions about the Sin City, which I realized after my first visit in November.

  1. Las Vegas is warm all year around. The city might be in a desert, but temperatures can drop to single digits in winter months.
  2. Cigarette smoke in casinos makes one’s eyes red and watery. While this may hold some truth, dry air in the region can also cause watery eyes, skin peeling, and nose bleeds.
  3. The Strip is not walkable because casino resorts are huge. Many casino hotels span several city blocks, but the Strip can easily be explored on foot. The best is to break the visit, and explore the Northern Strip on one day, and the Southern Strip on the second day.

    Las Vegas Strip

    Las Vegas Strip

  4. It does not matter where one stays for as long as it is on the Strip. There is some truth to this statement; proximity to the Strip allows for a lot of convenience. However,  not all hotels are the same, and the accommodation cost dictates offered comfort, ambience, quality and service. For example, the scent in each hotel may span from the smell of stinky feet or of burned grease to sweet vanilla scent.
  5. White lion and tiger cubs at Mirage Casino Resort must be seen. Upon the retirement from showbussiness, Siefried and Roy created a secret garden at Mirage where they host their animals. At first this tourist attraction sounded appealing, but after visiting it, all I wanted to do is escape it. Many if not all these animals look malnourished, unhappy and some toothless. After seeing lions roam majestically in African high grass, the scene of a toothless lion at Mirage broke my heart. Although I met Siegfried in the Secret Garden, I did not have enough voice to raise my concerns about these animals. Furthermore, I do not think that it would have mattered. After all, by visiting the garden and paying the entrance fee I did somewhat endorse this tourist attraction unfortunately.
  6. Bus tour of Grand Canyon is exhausting. Grand Canyon can be visited in a day, and although sitting in a bus for approximately five hours each way may sound tiring, the journey is so well-organized that time passes by quickly. After seeing majestic vistas of Grand Canyon, any effort to get there will be worth it! Bare in mind that in winter months, some ice and snow might be found in the canyon. Therefore, a proper hiking shoes might be needed to explore the area for a couple of hours.


    Grand Canyon, Arizona

  7. Food is overpriced. Food is more expensive on the Strip than just a few blocks away from it, but buffets, which is something that Vegas is known for, are relatively affordable.
  8. Guys always pay to get into clubs. Dress to impress when you go for an evening stroll, and you may score a free entrance into a club from a promoter on the Strip. In addition, clubs that also have restaurants, such as Hakkasan, offer to its dining guest a VIP entrance into the club but the club admission still has to be paid.

    DJ Calvin Harris at Hakkasan, Las Vegas

    DJ Calvin Harris at Hakkasan, Las Vegas

  9. Slots are the easiest way to win money. As much as slots may seem fun and “harmless”, they actually have the lowest return on gambling. Furthermore, they might be the quickest way to lose money without noticing!

    Casino on Fremont Street, Las Vegas

    Casino on Fremont Street, Las Vegas

  10. Vegas is just not that fabulous. Las Vegas is what one makes out of it. Fine dinning, spectacular shows, luxurious shopping, and memorable clubbing with world-renowned DJs definitely add to the city’s fabulousness, offering something for all generations.

    Celine Dion at the Colosseum (courtesy of C.J.)

    Celine Dion at the Colosseum, Caesar’s Palace (courtesy of C.J.)

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