The Beach


Have you ever seen a picture of a place and made it your own mission to visit it one day? That’s exactly what happened to me over a year ago when I stumbled upon a photograph of Koh Nang Yuan, an astounding island in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is composed of three little islands connected with sand strips, surrounded with lush palm trees, glistening white sand and turquoise clear waters.

History, culture, cuisine and natural beauty are just a few reasons why tourists visit Thailand. My personal one was a desire to be a beach bum and to chase sun across the Pacific while the temperatures in Toronto were dropping below -35C. And so I did.

For over two weeks my friends and I travelled through Southeast Asia experiencing Thai and Cambodian culture for the first time. The last eight days we spent living the dream – we beach and island hopped. The natural beauty of Thai islands is remarkable and worth every praise that one has ever heard – from the emerald lagoon enclosed in the middle of Hong Island, to infamous neon blue waters of Maya Beach on Phi Phi Islands that Leonardo DiCaprio put on the world map in his film “The Beach”… the list goes on and on. One could say that a beach is a beach, but in Thailand each beach offered a new, different experience in a distinguished natural setting. There were more than just a few moments that left me stunned by natural beauty; the very last one was the one that made me come to Thailand in the first place. After taking a ferry for two hours from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and then a water taxi for 30 min, I finally landed on that picture perfect tropical beach of Koh Nang Yuan. The weather was slightly overcast but that did not matter because there was I on that photograph from a year ago, taking it all in as a sense of personal accomplishment and awe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.07.42 PM

Map of Visited Thai Islands & Beaches


1. Krabi, Thailand


2. Hong Island, Thailand


3. Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island,  Thailand


4. West Railway, Thailand


5. Samui Island, Thailand


6. Nang Yuan Island, Thailand

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