The Rose City – Highlight of 2017

Petra, Jordan

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan

There were quite a few destinations that I reached in 2017, and amongst all of them Petra in Jordan was the greatest highlight. Hiking through the narrow canyon at 50C and riding a camel around the Treasury made my childhood dream come true. The entire journey to reach the city is nothing short of an adrenaline build-up as one travels from the Red Sea across the Jordanian desert and then hikes through a gorge expecting to see a glimpse of the Treasury.  Upon reaching the Treasury, it is difficult not to feel a sense of accomplishment mixed with awe for such a magnificent place. One truly gets a feeling of stepping back into ancient times – 25 centuries ago!


Al Siq Canyon, Petra


The Treasury from Al Siq in Petra, Jordan









Unless one is visiting Jordan, the only easily accessible point to Petra is from Eilat in Israel. Many travellers recommend visiting Petra overnight because there is a lot to see that cannot fit in 2 hours of how long my tour was. However, if you are pressed for time, you can still visit this wonder of the world in one day.

Petra, Jordan

The Treasury, Petra Jordan

Arkia Tours organizes guided tours with the most competative prices from Tel Aviv and Eilat to Petra. My journey started in Tel Aviv where at the dawn I took a flight to Eilat, a resort town on Red Sea. Upon arrival to Eilat, a tour bus picked me and other travellers up and took us to the Israeli-Jordanian border. After paying the entry fees and passport control, I crossed the border by foot to the Kingdom of Jordan where another tour bus was waiting for us to continue the journey. The same process was repeated on the way back, just in time for a return flight to Tel Aviv around 20:30.

The distances between places in Israel and Jordan are not large, but the political tension between countries makes it difficult for independent travellers to wander off without some advanced planning. If you end up going to Isreal, and Petra is on your bucket list, don’t feel discouraged to visit this once lost city. Upon reaching it, you will realise how worthy the whole journey has been.

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