Five Things to Know about Visiting Dead Sea


Here are five things that might not be well described in tour guide books, yet you need to know them before going to Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth:

  1. Two hours will be more than enough to spend at Dead Sea because the number of activities is limited due to hot desert weather condition and high salt concentration of the lake.
  2. High salt concentration of Dead Sea prevents one from any swimming or diving in the lake. A splash of water into eyes may cause temporarily blindness. Anything metallic, including pieces of sunglasses, might corrode if it gets in contact with water.
  3. Wear sandals or flip flops in the water because the bottom is full of sharp salt and mineral crystals that could cut you and cause great burning sensation.
  4. Water consistency is similar to oil, and one’s body will need some acclimatization before complete submerging.
  5. There is no mud available of the beach. One has to buy it in a nearby souvenir or convenience store. It comes packaged in 600 g bags, which is enough for two individuals to cover their bodies. You may consider wearing an old bathing suit or one with dark colours because mud might discolour it.

While these five tips might defer one from visiting Dead Sea, this unique experience should not be missed, especially now that you know everything there is to know about visiting the lowest point on the planet.


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