Hello World!

This blog originated as a series of emails that I have sent to my friends during many years of travelling. Each email as a personal travel journal has reflected my thoughts and opinions about places I’ve seen and people I’ve met.

For some time, I’ve been thinking about creating a blog. Due to the current circumstances, I’ve finally had time to complete it, and share it with all my friends and the rest of the world.

I’m not sure what the purpose of the blog is, but I hope one would find an inspiration to go out there and do something that they’ve always wanted to do. Over the years, I’ve become an advocate of a life without hesitation. There have been some close friends of mine who after reading my emails, finally made their minds, stepped into the world, and never looked back again.

My parents allowed me to do the same at the age of 16, and ever since then I haven’t stopped. Experiencing life – especially travelling – is my biggest passion, which has given me thirst for living, abysmal curiosity and plethora of dear, true friends around the world. This is what life is supposed to be – a journey plenty of learning without any regrets, without any hesitation.

All the pictures on the site have been taken during each of my adventure. However, no photos of the loved ones as well as their names shall be posted out of respect for their privacy.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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