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I’m going to compare Western and Eastern Mediterranean because quite often I get involved into these discussions of whether Spain as a summer destination is better than Greece, and vice versa.

Long time ago, I promised to myself that by the age of 30, I will visit Ibiza. I was 4 months late with fulfilling my promise, but at least I’ve done it now! After prolonged convincing, my friends finally budged in and said “yes” to it as well. The White Isle, as it is often […]

As much as Madrid has stayed conservative over the years, that much Barcelona has been progressive, and the evident changes could be seen in the city. The new extensions of La Sagrada Familia have been constructed, some metro stations have been renovated, and the waterfront has received a complete make-over. Since we were staying in an apartment for over a week, by the […]

“You look happy”, said the librarian to me as I was returning back a borrowed travel book. “Yes, I am… very”, was my loud and clear response with a huge grin on the face. I was glowing with excitement because in several hours I would be on the way to one of my favourite destinations […]

Originally written on February 26, 2010 In mid January I got invited to come to Amsterdam. At first I was hesitant to go, but since the offer was very tempting, I couldn’t say no to it. Right around the same time, I got laid off from work, and any idea of going away wasn’t really on […]

Originally written on November 16, 2009 Phew, the last bit… 😛 – England Aside from spending amazing time with my sister in Prague, my short stay in London was probably the other bit that made the trip memorable. Unfortunately, the unpredicted English weather showed its mood swings, and it rained most of the time. Sometimes […]

Originally written on November 16th, 2009 – Czech Republic As much as Prague turned to be a lovely city, that much the Czech officials seem to have issues with anyone carrying a Canadian passport. This might have been due to the tense international relations between the two countries. As of recently Czechs and Mexicans need visa […]

Originally written on November 16, 2009 Hello! The fortunate thing about taking charter flights is their low price. The unfortunate thing is that they can delay one’s flight for HOURS without a good reason. Hence, here I am at Gatwick airport in London completely exhausted, waiting extra time for my flight back home. This is […]

Originally written on July 22, 2007 Last Monday morning started the second leg of my travelling. It was time to go to the Mediterranean and enjoy some sun and sea before heading home. The flight to Athens passed by quickly since a Brazilian model was sitting in my aisle, and we chatted most of the […]

Originally written on July 18, 2007 Hi everyone!!! It’s been exactly a week since I left Toronto, and I thought it was time for me to send you an update, and let you know what I have experienced so far. My trip started with a flight delay, and such a bad omen has followed me […]