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…Not only was the service very attentive, but the dishes made by the Top Chef Canada winner, Rene Rodriguez, stood out in its colourful presentation that translated into a bust of flavours. Have you heard or have you ever tasted hibiscus mole?

TapaƧ 24


TapaƧ 24 has been my favorite restaurant in Barcelona for several years now. It is a small, simple, basement restaurant owned by Abellan that is bustling with patrons elbowing each other while tasting some of the most delicious Catalan dishes…. When Chef Abellan decided to open Tapas 24 location in Montreal, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Snow, ice and subzero temperatures are the integral part of Canadian existence, sports and culture, and nobody is a better spokesperson than people of Quebec.
While Cariocas celebrate carnival in February wearing only glitter and feathers, Quebecers put on their ski suits and head to romantic Quebec City for Bonhomme Carnival, the largest winter carnival in the world.

Restaurant Review When my friend K.K. suggested going to a new Chinese restaurant DaiLo, I hesitated. For years I have been staying away from Chinese food due to the bad experience with traditional dim sum in Chinatown; there were just too many feet involved in each dish at the time! I decided to search for […]

Everything that is within our reach is always taken for granted. For years I have been wanting to do a wine tour of Niagara Region, one of the most famous Canadian wine countries. This fall it finally happened when I joined in exploring the wine country and drinking well before 11 am! The image of […]