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Culture, history, food and natural beauty are usual aspects of travelling that one is exposed on a vacation, but never before has it happened to me that I got a sense of what really this planet was before the beginning of time… Standing on the coastal ledge less than 30 m from us, lava was flowing into the Pacific Ocean…


Wynnwood Walls is a revitalized industrial area in downtown Miami that boosts with creativity and originality. This burst of colour is so visually pleasing…

…Therefore, for anyone who is going to Vegas for the first time, the trip is nothing else but a gamble. Here are some misconceptions about the Sin City, which I realized after my first visit in November.

I do not know what happened, but the days of “f*ck off” attitude are gone amongst New Yorkers.

After 16 days of travelling along the Pacific Coast, L.A. turned to be one of the best and most memorable spots. Therefore, this post will not focus on LA traffic or superficiality that might exist in the Tinsletown, but on all the great things that make this city a must-see destination for everyone.