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Tapaç 24


Tapaç 24 has been my favorite restaurant in Barcelona for several years now. It is a small, simple, basement restaurant owned by Abellan that is bustling with patrons elbowing each other while tasting some of the most delicious Catalan dishes…. When Chef Abellan decided to open Tapas 24 location in Montreal, I was overwhelmed with joy.

As much as Madrid has stayed conservative over the years, that much Barcelona has been progressive, and the evident changes could be seen in the city. The new extensions of La Sagrada Familia have been constructed, some metro stations have been renovated, and the waterfront has received a complete make-over. Since we were staying in an apartment for over a week, by the […]

Originally written on February 26, 2010 In mid January I got invited to come to Amsterdam. At first I was hesitant to go, but since the offer was very tempting, I couldn’t say no to it. Right around the same time, I got laid off from work, and any idea of going away wasn’t really on […]

Grand Tour I


Originally written on August 28, 2005 Hola todos!!! Two years ago while I was in the BeNeLux and Germany, the emails were titled “beer drinking Smurf” for the obvious reasons. Last year, my sister and I were rushing through the airports and train stations of England and Spain, so the letters were named “the amazing […]

the very last


Originally written on September 8, 2004 This is going to be the last “hola” I’m saying to you, at least for this summer. Tonight we went for our last sangria, and I made sure that we had chosen a bar on La Rambla (famous street in Barcelona) with large drink servings. It was the time […]

Originally written on September 6, 2004  Buenas noches from Barcelona!!! I´ve got a chance to use the Internet again, and decided to give you another update on our travelling adventures! Two thirds of our vacation are gone, and neither my sister nor I feel like coming home. Time spent in Andalucia was very nice and […]