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Long time ago, I promised to myself that by the age of 30, I will visit Ibiza. I was 4 months late with fulfilling my promise, but at least I’ve done it now! After prolonged convincing, my friends finally budged in and said “yes” to it as well. The White Isle, as it is often […]

Reveillon or New Year’s Eve is the biggest celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, second only to the carnival, and one of the greatest ways in the entire world to celebrate the arrival of a new year. Ever since I was a kid, the TV clips of Rio fireworks were enchanting to me, and I always […]

On Christmas Day I found myself in the airport washroom of Rio de Janeiro. I wanted to change into my summer clothes because blending with locals is the way to financially survive and completely enjoy Brazil. Suddenly, I realised that the washroom stalls were much smaller than the ones at the Sao Paulo international airport. […]

For several months, my Brazilian friends and I had been waiting for Ivete Sangalo to have a concert at Dundas Square in Toronto. That finally happened yesterday afternoon. She delivered a part of Bahia and Brazil to the audience, and many Canadians experienced something they hadn’t seen before. Just for a moment, I thought I was back in […]

700 million people watched it, 46 million countrymen cheered for them, and after a patient yet nerve-wrecking, memorable game, my favourite football team won the FIFA World Cup showing the world that Spain is the best in Europe and in the world. This is the reason why this blog entry could have be done without any words […]

Originally written on February 26, 2010 In mid January I got invited to come to Amsterdam. At first I was hesitant to go, but since the offer was very tempting, I couldn’t say no to it. Right around the same time, I got laid off from work, and any idea of going away wasn’t really on […]

Originally written on June 3, 2009   Hello!!! 🙂 If you are expecting emails written in volumes about my last trip, this isn’t going to be one of those, or at least I don’t foresee it. Simply because I was stuck in a resort on an island, and there wasn’t much we could do although […]