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As much as Madrid has stayed conservative over the years, that much Barcelona has been progressive, and the evident changes could be seen in the city. The new extensions of La Sagrada Familia have been constructed, some metro stations have been renovated, and the waterfront has received a complete make-over. Since we were staying in an apartment for over a week, by the […]

Originally written on November 16, 2009 Hello! The fortunate thing about taking charter flights is their low price. The unfortunate thing is that they can delay one’s flight for HOURS without a good reason. Hence, here I am at Gatwick airport in London completely exhausted, waiting extra time for my flight back home. This is […]

Grand Tour V


Originally written on September 24, 2005 Hello everyone, It’s been some time since I’ve sent out an email. It takes a while to write these messages as I have to collect my thoughts in order to put them into words. It’s difficult to do such a thing when I’m time-constrained and have to pay for […]

Grand Tour IV


Originally written on September 11, 2005 Ciao ragazzi, I hope this message finds all of you well. Today is my last day in Florence and Italy. I have some time to kill because my sister has left for London this morning, and D.B. is already home. Thus, I decided to send you another email and […]

Grand Tour III


Originally written on September 6, 2005   Hello, hello Here is yet another email from me but this time from renaissance Florence. I have to say that I liked Rome because of the cultural importance, but the city, itself, is not the greatest one. There is a lot of tourists (duh), and Romans seem not to […]