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Reveillon or New Year’s Eve is the biggest celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, second only to the carnival, and one of the greatest ways in the entire world to celebrate the arrival of a new year. Ever since I was a kid, the TV clips of Rio fireworks were enchanting to me, and I always […]

For several months, my Brazilian friends and I had been waiting for Ivete Sangalo to have a concert at Dundas Square in Toronto. That finally happened yesterday afternoon. She delivered a part of Bahia and Brazil to the audience, and many Canadians experienced something they hadn’t seen before. Just for a moment, I thought I was back in […]

Originally written on February 14, 2009  Ola todos,    Today after spending some time shopping, A.M., O.G., O.G’s brother F.O., sister-in-law and I went to Banda de Ipanema – a mini carnival procession in the Ipanema neightbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Cariocas (people from Rio) were getting ready for the next weekend when most of […]

Originally written on February 6, 2008  Ola todos! 😉   I’m starting this email feeling a little bit down because after 6 nights of the carnival, it’s very difficult to get back to the normal and not to feel the vibe given off by millions of people.   Yet again I’ve made my way to […]