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“You look happy”, said the librarian to me as I was returning back a borrowed travel book. “Yes, I am… very”, was my loud and clear response with a huge grin on the face. I was glowing with excitement because in several hours I would be on the way to one of my favourite destinations […]

Originally written on February 13, 2009 Hola todos! If one follows tracks of a cow, one might end up either in Switzerland, India or Argentina. LOL I’ve opted out for the third choice and came to the country which instead of Sun should have had a steak on its national flag. This is the reason […]

Originally written on September 6, 2004  Buenas noches from Barcelona!!! I´ve got a chance to use the Internet again, and decided to give you another update on our travelling adventures! Two thirds of our vacation are gone, and neither my sister nor I feel like coming home. Time spent in Andalucia was very nice and […]