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At first, it was all about pizza, then it moved to burgers, tapas and finally tacos. The restaurant industry in Toronto has been evolving over the years, and the Mexican cuisine is currently being pushed aside my Middle Eastern. Byblos and Fat Pasha are fine examples of Eastern Mediterranean restaurants that opened their doors in 2014.

Restaurant Review Over the last couple of years, there has been a wave of Mexican restaurants opening throughout Toronto. Each of them offers its version of tacos, tequila and bourbon cocktails. Each of them provides a different type of setting from playing classic rap music at Grand Electric to vibrant murials at El Catrin. Yet the debate […]

Restaurant Review When my friend K.K. suggested going to a new Chinese restaurant DaiLo, I hesitated. For years I have been staying away from Chinese food due to the bad experience with traditional dim sum in Chinatown; there were just too many feet involved in each dish at the time! I decided to search for […]

Restaurant Review Last month I roamed through Toronto, tasting different flavours of Mediterranean cuisine – from the contemporary Italian to the traditional French and Spanish – this is a short review. Union Restaurant on Ossington Avenue specializes in the French dishes, which although delicious, fresh and organic, turned out to be boring and a safe bet. It was the usual menu choices one can […]

Concert Review Toronto is undoubtedly defined by CN Tower, a free-standing structure that could be seen from any corner of the city, or at least that’s what I thought. Upon purchase of concert tickets for Ricky Martin’s new tour Mas+Alma+Sexo (MAS), I realised that Orillia, a town 140 km north from Toronto, was considered to be […]

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Theater Review Last night I got a chance to attend the gala opening of “Billy Elliot” the musical at Canon Theater. When my friend M.R. called me several days ago asking whether I would be interested in seeing the play, I didn’t have to think twice to say “YES”. Looking back at the evening, the presence of the “Billy Elliot” composer, […]

Restaurant Review I am not a fan of Chinese cuisine, but after the visit to Lee restaurant over a week ago, I’ve started to change my mind. Susur Lee’s restaurant offers food that is far from traditional. It’s an Asian inspired, contemporary gastronomical experience which began for me with Szechwan hot and sour soup and continued with a Thai-fused green curry chicken on sweet pea polenta. Had […]